Oh! The places we’ve been and the fun we’ve had!

Maitland Dade

The Road Runners Club had a very busy travel year. Over the past 12 months our club sponsored 12 outings that included informative presentations, visits to interesting cities, dining in unique restaurants and experiencing wonderful cultural events.

In 2015 members cruised the Caribbean, visited fabulous cosmopolitan cities and wine vineyards along the Pacific Northwest Coast, and a small group had a dreamy river cruise through southern France. A group of 40+ members toured the Texas Hill country and learned much about the history of the Lone Star State. New friendships developed among Robson travelers while enjoying the cultural experience through performances at our local Campus Theatre, the Grapevine Opry, and the splendid venues at Bass Hall and the Winspear Opera House. Of course there was no lack of good conversations, tasty tidbits and the appropriate beverages during any of our travels.

The 2016 schedule of travel opportunities and events planned by your travel committee for the coming year’s travel calendar may surpass the events of 2015. Plan now to join the Road Runners on the road next year! Also, view the posted photos of individual and group travelers at the sites visited.

See for yourself by going online  at rrrrclub.com for all the details.