Photo Club explores crime scene photography

Our speaker Donna Krouskup, left, with her colleague Gina Riley

Our speaker Donna Krouskup, left, with her colleague Gina Riley

Dave Loomis

The Robson Ranch Photo Club welcomed Donna Krouskup and her associate, Gina Riley, both crime scene investigators for the Denton Police Department, to speak at our monthly general membership meeting on June 19. Room 102 of the CATC was full of members and guests interested in learning about crime scene photography and some of the procedures and protocol followed when processing a crime scene area.

Donna showed photos from three cases she investigated several years ago and walked us through the photographic evidence collection and processing procedures, finally leading to supporting evidence in court. Her examples included the photographic and forensic processing of a residential drug bust, a robbery at a small fast-food restaurant, and finally a suicide that was staged to look like a homicide for the spouse to receive a two million dollar life insurance benefit. All very interesting cases!

Donna has been with the Denton Police Department for the past 13 years with the last 10 as a Crime Scene Investigator. She has a BA in chemistry, Criminalistics Certificate from the Criminal Justice Department and over 1,300 hours of forensic training. Donna is married with two children and also enjoys photography as a hobby.

There was lively discussion and many questions as the club members discovered an area of photography not normally explored by the hobbyist. We are looking forward to having Donna join us again in the future.