Photos from the Robson Ranch Drone Club

Aerial views of visitors to the Ranch offer interesting views. UH-47L Chinook

Various panoramic composite photos are automated in some drones. What was a beaver pond is now a water feature on the third “nine” here.

Dennis Brooks, Vice President, Robson Ranch Drone Club

Are there any photo types from our club that you are interested in for display in the Pioneer Press? High winds and heat are keeping our drones grounded for much of the days. I have a variety of high-contrast color photos of stormy or just cloudy skies.

I have kept a photo record of construction around the neighborhood. Just a few days ago, I flew the entire perimeter of the existing homes and construction areas (roughly a rectangle) to get an overview of RR Denton as it exists today. I have views of the main areas of lot preparation and construction on all four corners and the north central area. I have regular photos of the Athletic Centers, clubhouse, model homes, front gate and adjacent ponds, even the gardens-horseshoe pits and dog parks. The details on wide area photos of the houses are so small that they would be lost on printing. I have close photos of new lot areas, the GPS-guided construction equipment with the tripod-mounted GPS grid sources.

We do take photos of activities by other clubs that interest us. Lately, the pond by the model homes has been drained down about eight feet with a broad band of dried clay around the edges. This was apparently caused by a desire to keep the golf course watered and in good condition for the Women’s PGA tournament. We do not film golf activities, since the noise from the drones is a distraction. This was recently found true by an unsanctioned flight over the softball championships, which caused distress among the players. The club does not support such flights or any unsafe flying.

We do like to contribute to the press to keep residents informed and to draw new members. When we can fly, a wide variety of subjects draw attention. When we cannot fly, other activities, such as building card models for children in the hospital or bad situations, help fill the time.