Pickleball Club offers lessons for all

The Pickleball Club has classes for beginners looking to just get started, intermediate players who are interested in improving fundamentals, and seasoned players looking to improve just a few specific skills.

The Pickleball Club has a program, or rather several programs, one of which is just right for you. The club offers a wide range of development programs to get you going. There are currently two free one-day programs offered to members and the very intensive six session “Pickleball Academy,” which works on every aspect of your game.

The beginner program is held a minimum of once a month on the third Tuesday from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. in the gym, and additional sessions are added if needed. There is no charge, and no reservations are required.

The “Fix my Game” event is a one and a half hour clinic that focuses on a limited number of skills. It culminates with actual game play where Sherill Kerr, one of our nationally ranked players, critiques your individual strengths and weaknesses during the course of play. Again, there is no charge for this one-day clinic.

The “Pickleball Academy” is the premier pickleball program for the entire metro area; no other club has anything close. The program is divided into categories depending on your level of skill. All sessions (six classes for each category, except referees and lines-persons training) will include forehand, backhand, serve and return, volley, lobs and third shot tactics. As the member progresses, drills will be introduced to improve power, consistency, placement, spin and anticipation to enhance their performance. As appropriate, the following will be incorporated into the sessions: court strategies, court positioning and supporting your partner, dinking and patience, utilizing partner’s strengths and attacking opponent’s deficiencies. At the end of each course a small tournament will be played by the participants.

More information is available on the club’s website.