Pickleball Club Player Profile

Nancy Fadrowski

Nancy Fadrowski

Dave Parker

Beginning this month, the Pickleball Club would like to highlight some of our members. Our club is over 500 strong and includes young to old and beginners to advanced. No matter what, there is a passion for playing the game and improving every day. This month, we would like to highlight Nancy Fadrowski, who is new to the game and plays on the D courts.

Nancy, tell us where you are from and a little bit about yourself? I am originally from Missouri but have also lived in Iowa, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. I have two kids and six grandkids and I work for Ebby Halliday Realtors in Flower Mound, which is where I lived before moving to Robson Ranch last October.

How did you hear about pickleball? Sonny, my fiancé, got hooked on pickleball first and talked about it a lot. Once the academy started up again in May, I started to play.

What do you like best about pickleball? It is so enjoyable to get up early and challenge yourself with a great group of people. I like the people and the challenge the best, plus the exercise.

Did you play any other sports in the past and, if you did, how do you compare those to pickleball? I also play Bocce, but had never played any racket sports prior to pickleball. It is a challenge to improve each time I play and to remember court positioning.

Any other comments on living at Robson Ranch or playing pickleball? We love the resort atmosphere and the different levels of pickleball that the Ranch provides.

The Pickleball Club would like to thank Nancy for volunteering to start off our series on player profiles. If you would like to join in the fun of pickleball, check out the club website at www.rrdpc.com. On the club website, you can sign up for the Pickleball Academy, which will teach new players all the basics in three evening classes.