Pilot Knob Rotary Club at the Ranch

New member Carol Fortner and sponsor Jack Kearney

Karen McDaniels

In February, Pilot Knob Rotary welcomed new member Carol Fortner to our club. Carol started her Rotary journey in Grove, Okla. From there she moved to Robson Ranch and joined the Rotary Club of Denton, then Pilot Knob Rotary Club. She brings a wealth of Rotary experience and a heart of service to our club. Jack Kearney is her sponsor.

We also welcomed a special visitor, Lynne Corvaglia, from the Rotary Club of Heredia, Costa Rica. This was her second visit to Pilot Knob Rotary. Previously, she connected with our member Dr. Kim Williams who is with the UNT College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism. They have been coordinating opportunities to connect the UNT CMHT to CATIE University in Turrialba, Costa Rica, to enable more graduate students to study abroad and expand the programs and curriculum. CATIE doesn’t have a Rotary club, but that might be “in the works” next!

Thanks to the many Robson residents who stopped by our booth at the Robson Ranch All Clubs Open House on March 5. We enjoyed meeting you and look forward to hosting those who want to learn more about Rotary.