Practicing Social Distancing While Aging Strong

Bonnie Fickey

Active Aging Group Fitness by Bonnie returns to normal action with phase one workouts in the parking lot of the Creative Arts Technical Center while practicing social distancing using flex cones as markers and workout props.

Bonnie Fickey, instructor, offers fun, creative, and effective workouts for active agers with benefits over risks to help lead this population towards a strong feeling of self-efficacy and help improve their activities of daily living solely and efficiently to live a safer, happier, healthier, and fitter life.

According to Bonnie, aging can have its challenges! No matter the age, everyone can become stronger to help combat those challenges and benefit from her functional total body conditioning workouts.

Bonnie is a resident of Robson Ranch and is nationally certified as a group fitness professional, active aging movement coach, group strength coach, and senior fitness instructor. She has been teaching group fitness classes and personal training in the Denton county area at various facilities for 25 years and has been teaching Active Aging Group Fitness at Robson Ranch Denton for over three years. Bonnie’s husband, Gaylen Fickey, assists with the classes.

Bonnie’s Total Body Strength and Fit For Life classes will begin normal class schedules soon inside the Cimarron Sports Center building. Watch for the HOA announcement. Total Body Strength will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and Fit For Life will be Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

For more information, contact Bonnie at 940-390-5892 or [email protected].