Horseshoes Return

Ellen Gilgore

Our team of men and women patiently waited for the go ahead to return to horseshoes, and many have taken advantage of the cool morning temperatures to do so in the middle of May. We have been careful how we pursue our return by only using every other court and many using gloves. The benches are taped off, so we do not sit near each other. Horseshoes is a sport that is easy to keep the six-foot distancing that is required. We even keep score in the dirt instead of using the scoreboards that were made by some of our members.

Since our return, the ladies are looking for other ladies to join them in the fun that this sport has given them. The rules are lenient for everyone who plays, allowing one to stand at a distance from the stake that is most comfortable for you. If you wish to try it out before playing an actual game, we have those who will guide you as you begin on a court to practice. There is a wide range of ages as well as abilities who participate. Julie and Ellen would like to have other women join us to keep the men on their toes. We give them some good competition on many a day. Our group of men are very patient and encouraging with lots of laughs shared!

Join us at 9 a.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for drop-in and some good exercise. Contact Bob Cook at [email protected] or Joey Misiaszek at [email protected] The courts are located by the dog park, and we look forward to seeing you!