Republican Club gets updated report from Sheriff Murphree

The political origins of Tracy Murphree – Denton county’s TV sheriff.

Russ Bafford

The Republican Club members at Robson Ranch are grateful to Denton County Sheriff Tracy Murphree for updating us on how things are going in our area from his unique law enforcement perspective. Sheriff Murphree was the featured speaker at the March 5 meeting of the Robson Ranch Republican Club. From dealing with the flow of illegal drugs coming through the porous southern border to the heart-rending stories of human trafficking, the Denton County Sheriff’s department has a lot of serious, dangerous and potentially deadly issues to deal with on a daily basis. Sheriff Murphree assured us that Denton County is not a “sanctuary” county and will never become one on his watch. All the citizens of Denton County can be thankful the oversight of our Sheriff’s department is in the capable hands of Sheriff Tracy Murphree.