Roberson rerated by USAPA Tournament committee

On Monday, July 28, Ford Roberson received an email from the USAPA Tournament Rating Committee notifying him that he had been rerated to 4.5/4.5 for both singles and doubles for future USAPA Sanctioned Tournament events and should immediately notify any tournament director of future events entered of the new status.

This rating from the committee came as the result of the body of work in the three tournaments entered in 2014 and from tournament directors’ recommendations. In three tournaments this year, Ford has won three silvers and two golds while attending the Texas Senior Games, the Mid-South Regional Tournament and recently the Cornhusker State Games. With multiple wins over 4.5 rated senior players from Michigan, California and Nebraska, the rating came as a normal part of the rating process.

Ford and his wife Catherine moved to Robson Ranch last September and enjoy the life at the Ranch through fun, friendship and fellowship. Pickleball became a love at first site for Ford. Ford’s past successes in tennis over 50 years proved to be of immediate benefit in the game of pickleball. He plays or assists players almost daily at the Ranch.

In our club, the Robson Ranch Denton Pickleball Club, Ford is active as a member of the ratings committee, the tournament committee and the clinic committee. Ford’s vision of a Pickleball Academy recently came to fruition through the hard work of many of our club’s members. This past year he was elected to serve on the board as an at-large member.

This rating moves Ford Roberson into a group of about 50, 4.5 or 5.0 rated singles players in the USAPA, which is made up of thousands of members from the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Again, congratulations to Ford on the hard earned accomplishment, and we wish him many future successes in the world of pickleball.