Robson Pickleball Team Grip n’ Rip is First!

The Robson ladies’ pickleball team didn’t actually finish in first place, but they were the first all-Robson Ranch pickleball team that competed in an outside league. The team competed in the Tennis Competitors of Dallas (TCD) Pickleball League and finished fourth in the Open Division. We even had a sponsor, Joe and Sara Lucido. They helped get the team started and were our biggest cheerleaders. Our team shirts showed our appreciation with the letters “JOC” on the front, which stands for “Joe On the Court.” Team members were Sherry Pate (captain), Tracey Kucharski (co-captain), Lisa Dean, Donna Henry, Sherril Kerr, Susan Beggs, Cassie Richardson, Katie Brown, Esther Barger, Pat Masters, Paula Hughes, Jayne Gornik, Jackie Kuykendall, Lore Carr, and Dee Tarver.