Newbies at the Ranch

Coffee at local coffee shop Uncle Mike’s Bistro

Happy hour on Nov. 10

Pat Garrett

Connie Catlet and I were very new to Robson Ranch. We met on Facebook and then met in person the day we both arrived at the Ranch—that was March 30. At that point, our homes were nowhere near finished, and we needed to find out info about the Ranch.

We decided that Robson Ranch was in need of a group for newbies, so we set up a page on Facebook and, wow, we are now up to 360 members. Most of the people in the group are new to the Ranch and have closed and moved in, some have just picked out their lot, some are waiting to go through design, and then there are many watching day-to-day on the progress of their homes from rental homes in Robson and from afar.

We felt as though this group was very much needed, because many people did not know what to expect after signing original papers. Since then, questions have been asked about everything, e.g., who does dog sitting, painting, blinds, doctors, vets, landscapers, etc. It all has been received very nicely, and people are very excited. New owners even show pictures of different stages of their house, and others post pictures of houses being built. We get many requests from people living out of the state to take pictures of the different stages of progress. People are excited when one person posts their address and others find their new neighbors.

We started out with a luncheon for ladies at which about 13 attended, and there were a couple of oldies who came to guide us and give information. Since that time back in June, we have had a happy hour at which there were about 36 in attendance, then another happy hour, which was attended by about 56, and just recently, we had a happy hour on the patio with expected 110, but due to the threat of bad weather, about 70 showed up. We have also had a coffee at one of the local coffee shops, and we are planning more events after the holidays.

The group has been well accepted, with “newbies” joining every week.

We are all very happy that we made the decision to come to the “Ranch” here in Texas.