Robson Ranch After Schoolers attend jazz concert

Darla Chupp

The Robson Ranch After Schoolers had an incredible musical experience at a Jazz Concert at the Murchison Performance Arts Center on the University of North Texas campus. The guest musician was Bobby McFerrin, often remembered for his 1980s hit, Don’t Worry, Be Happy! along with the acclaimed One O’Clock Lab Band and Jazz Choir. When band director Jay Saunders announced to the sold-out crowd that, “It is your guess as good as mine what might go on tonight,” we knew we were in for a wild ride! And we were!

Bobby McFerrin is at his best when allowed to be spontaneous and creative. He often caught the choir, band members and even the audience off guard when he asked them to play something or sing something unrehearsed. But true musicians are always ready for this type of challenge, and the audience was pleasantly surprised with wonderful, spontaneous performances. The audience was also drawn into the performance as Mr. McFerrin had us sing back-up for him. Denton is known as a music town, and that was apparent when several individuals from the audience (two were from the UNT Jazz Studies Faculty) came up to the stage to sing with Mr. McFerrin. The enthusiastic audience agreed that each performer was very talented.

Bobby McFerrin was born in 1950 in Manhattan, New York, the son of operatic baritone Robert McFerrin and singer Sara Copper. He graduated from California State University, Sacramento, but often says he is a graduate of MSU: Making Stuff Up! And that is what made the evening a wonderful experience, watching a gifted musician at his best, demonstrating his matchless improvisational skills and an ability to create new vocabularies on the fly. He did not fail to dazzle the audience!

Those attending were Larry and Cathy Harden, David and Micki Zartman, Jess and Christine Lovelace, Warren and Sandra Richards, Ken and Virg Talac, Norma Johnston, Grace Ann Gallagher, Diane Klopp, Vicki Williams, Pat Hamblin, Sandra Shepard, Richard and Helen Allen, Mary Doyle, Marti Conley, Fran and Darla Chupp, Ed and Dorothy Laube, Manly and Judy Osborn, Ann Madigan, Eileen Whittaker and Susan Hebert.

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