Robson Ranch Bichon Birthday Bash

Nancy Kilkinney (Rocky), Elise Treu (Lulu), Donna Lepore (Ruby), Mike Beaver (Molly), Rich Jedlowski (Murphy and Cooper), Liz Katz (Augie and Toby), Kathy Dial (Ellie, PJ, and Abby), Mary Carlson (Poppy and Lilly), Terri Pniewski-Gonzalez (Augie and Beau), Angie Gay (Izzy), Diane Beaver (Mazie), and BK Nichols (Cooper). Also attending were Maryann Calverley (Sammy and Bodie) and Charles Schunior (Rocky’s dad).

A year ago, surviving COVID-19 and the deep freeze in January 2021, Abby gave birth to her second litter of Bichon Frise puppies at Robson Ranch. Recently gathered at Liz Katz’s house to celebrate the one-year birthday of Ruby, Izzy, Poppy, and Cooper, several close friends enjoyed a birthday extravaganza fit for royalty. All the young men wore their finest tuxedos, and the young ladies wore designer gowns from Chewy. A specially baked birthday cake topped off with a sparkler garnered a “Happy Birthday” song sung by the humans gathered to help celebrate. All guests were treated to elaborate decorations and gift bags with treats and toys to take home. Exhausted after a wild day of playing, everyone crashed after the party. It is presumed they all spent the next few hours dreaming of their wild, wonderful experience.