Robson Ranch Bocce Club

Susan Parker

The Robson Ranch Bocce spring season is off to a great start. Bocce is played on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday beginning at 2 p.m., and the final game is at 6 p.m. Ninety teams come out each week to play, and this spring, we have had to overcome strong winds and some very chilly days.

As of this writing, week 5, we are more than halfway through the season. The playoff games are scheduled for the week of May 24 (no Monday play). Some of the divisions are very close in the standings. Good luck to all the teams.

The summer season (depending on how many teams) will begin the week of June 9 and will run for nine weeks. There will be no Monday or Tuesday play during the summer season. The playoffs will be around the week of Aug. 10.

At the recent board meeting on March 29, it was announced that Friends of the Family fundraiser gathered donation receipts at $3,000. The generosity of the community is truly amazing. Many thanks to all who donated to this organization.

Until next month, keep rolling!