Robson Ranch Community Fortunate to Have This Tantalizing Choir

Choir rehearsal

Frances Hackley, Publicity Chair

Here at the Ranch we have so many folks that happen to be talented experts at so many things. So true with the Robson Ranch Community Choir. Right now, the group is rehearsing for their first concert since COVID-19 began. The guys and gals were more than ready to get this “show on the road” as they say, as soon as restrictions were lifted. Most of these singers have sung all their lives in community choirs, theatres, churches, and chorales. Quite a few were music teachers, band members, and band leaders. With these vocal ingredients the plate is set for one tasty treat of “Michelin” quality every time this choir performs! Of course, a fine meal like this choir serves each time, needs a really good chef! The choir and community for that matter, is fortunate to have Dr. Arturo Ortega as their chef. For those who don’t know Dr. Ortega’s credentials, I will briefly fill you in. He, at the tender age of 19, started conducting Philharmonic Orchestras. He studied with the world-renowned conductor Ansel Brusilow, (music director of the Dallas Symphony) at UNT and received a full scholarship to the prestigious Pierre Monteaux School for Conductors in Maine. The Director also held the Assistant Director position with the Chicago Symphony and has had numerous collaborations with well-known international artists. No chef can put together a fine dining experience without the best ingredients. That is where Dr. Ortega brings even more to the table. For instance, the choir’s accompanist, Paul Lees. Mr. Lees is an accomplished pianist, composer, and arranger. He holds a Master of Music in Jazz Studies degree and was a member of the world-renowned, multiple Grammy-nominated “One O’ Clock Lab Band, and has also worked with various famous musical artists. There is no doubt that with the talented voices, a great accompanist and a dynamic conductor something incredible is about to be served. Then at concert time, Dr. Ortega reaches out to his extensive knowledge of talented musicians in the area and has them “season the sauce.” This community then gets to enjoy one tantalizing bit of entertainment!

If you are interested in joining this amazing choir, please contact Janice Stanton at [email protected]. Auditions will be on Saturday, Aug. 14. The music club has other events planned for the year. Beginning with a July 2 Dance Party, October 29 the annual Scaryoke Dance, and the New Year’s Eve Dinner Dance. For information about the Music Club as well as all upcoming events, go to the website at