Robson Ranch Conservatives

Pictured Left to Right: Lt. Col. Allen West and Tim Hardin

Stephen Sullivan

The Robson Ranch Conservatives (RRC) held their inaugural meeting on Sept. 15. The RRC is an organization made up of conservative Republicans in Denton County who believe that the only way to save Texas, and save America, is to elect strong conservatives who will fight for the type of limited government that our ancestors agreed to. We seek to connect, educate, and activate conservatives who will move the needle towards true conservative representation at all levels of government.

Over 180 people listened to our two guests: Tim Hardin and Lt. Col. Allen West.

Tim Hardin from Texans for Fiscal Responsibilities spoke about their organization and how they serve conservatives.

Our main speaker was Lt. Col. Allen West, former chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

The Robson Ranch Conservatives do not require membership fees, and our organization is open to any Constitutional Conservative. We meet on the third Wednesday of the month at the Robson Ranch clubhouse. On Oct. 19, our main speaker will be Rafael Cruz, and on Nov. 16, our main speaker will be Matt Rinaldi, chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.