Robson Ranch Genealogy Club

Jo Ann Evans

Do you remember hearing your parents and grandparents say, “I remember …” when they told a story about their younger years or about an ancestor? Do you hear yourself starting tales of the significant events in your life with the same phrase? In the words of Sandra Crowley, “Memories are what make us who we are, describe where we came from, and help identify the values we share with our ancestors. These stories have been passed down for centuries, long before the iPhone, Android, and Internet came into our lives to make sharing stories easier. Memories also help define what’s important to us; what impacted our lives as we grew up; and what continues to affect us.”

On Feb. 15 at 7 p.m. in Room 104 of the CATC, the club will host a Zoom presentation by Sandra Crowley called, “I Remember: Sharing Your Family Stories.” Sandra Crowley is a genealogist and lecturer based in the DFW area, who specializes in using technology for all aspects of family history. Sandra will show how to take steps to document your family’s story and ways to make it easier for you and those around you to share memories.

For many residents at Robson Ranch, the 1950 Federal Census will be the first census in which they can find themself listed. Digitized images of the 1950 census will be released by the National Archives on April 1, 2022, but an index of the names on those images won’t be available for another four to six months after that. Without an index, how can you find yourself and your relatives? Bernard Meisner, PhD, will explain how to determine the enumeration district in which your relatives were living on the day the census enumerator visited them. Bernard is a genealogist and lecturer based in the DFW area. He began researching his family over 25 years ago and enjoys sharing lessons learned from those experiences, including his mistakes. Join us on March 1 at 7 p.m. in CATV Room 104 to hear this interesting information.

Do you have Irish blood? If so, on March 15 at 7 p.m. in CATV Room 104 the club will host a webinar titled, “My Ancestors Were Irish—Or Were They?” The webinar will be presented by David Rencher, the Director of the Family History Library and Chief Genealogical Officer for FamilySearch. In it, he’ll speak about the origins of Irish surnames and will introduce many established Internet sites and some of the newest sites that are essential tools for conducting research in Ireland.

All Robson residents are welcome to come to the Genealogy Club! Dues are $20 per year per person or $30 per year for a couple. If you want further information on these programs or on the Robson Genealogy Club, contact us at [email protected].