Pilot Knob Rotary Club Partners with BERC

Pilot Knob Rotarians Jack and Dolores Kearney with Carter BloodCare staff (photo by Karen McDaniels)

Karen McDaniels

Five times a year, Pilot Knob Rotary Club partners with Carter BloodCare to bring blood drives to Robson Ranch. Both Carter and Rotarians reach out to past and potential new donors to give blood at these events.

In January, Pilot Knob Rotary was invited to partner with the national Blood Emergency Readiness Corps (BERC) through our partnership with Carter BloodCare.

In our COVID-19 affected world, blood centers don’t have enough blood on their shelves to weather disasters where mass transfusions are needed. BERC is a group of blood centers across the nation that commit to joining together to be prepared for mass transfusion disasters that may strike. These blood centers commit to collecting extra units on a rotating “on call” schedule to create an available supply of blood for emergency needs.

Today, there is less than one day’s supply of blood on hand. Our next blood drive will be at the end of March, so look for the Carter Bloodmobile or contact Jack Kearney for more details at [email protected]

If you want to know more about Pilot Knob Rotary or are a former Rotarian, please join us Fridays in the Boardroom of the Wildhorse Grill from noon to 1 p.m. For more information, contact Karen McDaniels at 512-577-6149 or [email protected]