Robson Ranch Gun Club: First Time Lady Shooters!

Gun Club Women’s Group Basic Pistol Class

Mary Ellen Steibel

In June, the Women’s Group of the Robson Ranch Gun Club sponsored a first-ever Basic Pistol Course for women members of the Gun Club. After over 20 women signed up for the course, the original single class was expanded to two classes! The training classes were accompanied by range days for women of Robson Ranch who were either first time shooters, felt a little rusty with their firearms, or just wanted to refresh their training and experience. Our instructor, a Robson Ranch resident and NRA-certified instructor, Bill Davis, not only provided excellent in-class material and learning, but also included laser pistols (simulated handguns which emit light beams, and do not fire actual ammunition) for some hands-on experience. The classroom portion of the course was followed by hands-on training and experience at the nearby Quail Creek Range, where everyone learned range etiquette, firearm and range safety, and shot a course of fire. To support this training event, members of the Robson Gun Club provided loaner .22 caliber pistols and also donated the .22 ammunition for the range days. For those who participated in this Basic Pistol Course, the Women’s Group will be holding a License To Carry (LTC) class later this year. Not only did all the shooters do great at the range, but as members of the Gun Club, they will have the chance to join other members for practice and fun through the club’s “Paper Punchers” Group, our target shooting interest group, which meets and shoots on the first and third Tuesday of the month at a local range.

The Women’s Group is part of the Robson Ranch Gun Club and is focused on meeting the needs and interests of women in our community. The mission of our Robson Ranch Gun Club is to provide an opportunity and forum for our members to meet, share interest in firearms, participate in various forms of shooting sports, and provide a learning environment for all skill levels of firearm ownership and uses. A club meeting is held at 1 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month at the clubhouse. We are always looking for other Robson Ranch residents interested in joining our great fellowship, learning about these fun and active shooting sports, and participating in skills practice opportunities. Safety is always our primary concern and is a shared responsibility of each member.

For more information, please contact Mary Ellen Steibel, Women’s Group Leader and Gun Club board member at [email protected]