Robson Ranch is home to many regionally and nationally recognized Pickleball players

While most Robson Ranchers are aware that the Pickleball Club is one of our largest and most active clubs with organized play outdoors and indoors seven days a week, many are not aware of the high caliber of some of our players. There is a good sized cadre of players who travel throughout the U.S. to play in USAPA sanctioned tournaments, and they represent us with an amazing rate of success. Robson Ranch in Denton and Robson Ranch in Arizona are recognized as having some of finest players in the country.

We have over 30 resident players here who play in tournaments. Some travel only within the state of Texas and bordering states, others travel thousands of miles to compete in Arizona, Arkansas, Utah, New Mexico, Missouri, California, Florida as well as numerous other states. There are many husband and wife teams as well as those who travel with just their spouse’s support. Many of our local tournament players will be heading off to Robson Ranch Arizona this November to participate in the National Championship Games, which will be held on the Robson site. It is anticipated that there will be over 800 ranked participants and many times that number of spectators. Oh, how our sport is growing!

Jim Propes, club president, said one of the best things about having such a regionally and nationally recognized group of players in the club is that every one of them has unselfishly volunteered their time to work with new and developing players in the club’s “Pickleball Academy.” When you know you are learning from the best, that is a very encouraging factor.