Robson Ranch MGA 9-Holers employ play format to spice up the fun

John Burkholder

Don’t ever think that playing golf at RR Denton is boring! RR’s MGA 9-Holers ensure that never happens by rotating seven play-day formats for their Monday 9-hole rounds. Plus, the added benefit of balanced foursome set ups based on handicap, each with an A, B, C and D golfer (ideally), gives each golfer the opportunity to contribute on every hole. Rotating play-day formats keeps the weekly rounds challenging, interesting and even incorporates a bit of very friendly competition. The fun, seven play-day formats MGA 9-Holders enjoy are listed:

Stroke Play: Think of this as being like watching tournament golf on television. Each golfer’s gross score is recorded. Net scores based on individual handicaps determine outcomes.

Four Man Teams’ Best Ball: All players’ scores are recorded with best two net scores per hole determining outcomes.

Texas Scramble: Every player tees off, and then each foursome uses the resulting best shot’s location for hitting their next shots. Subsequent shots repeat this process through hole completion. This process is repeated for every hole and shot throughout the round. Total net scores determine outcomes.

Shamble: Similar to a Texas Scramble, but only on each holes’ first shot. Holes are completed with all golfers playing out holes individually and recording gross scores. Net scores determine the days’ overall outcome.

Texas Two-Step: As done in the dance of the same name, it’s one, two, three, one, two three, etc. Scoring is simple. On the first hole the best net score counts. On the second hole the best two net scores count. On the third hole the best three net scores count. This scoring is repeated for holes four through nine.

Two Man Teams’ Alternate Shot: Exactly as the name indicates, two-player teams play the round alternating shots. But there’s a twist. Team members must also alternate off the tees. This can be a very fun and/or very frustrating format depending on how your partner’s shots go!

Member-Member: Actually this format could be counted as two formats because there are member requested pairings and computer generated pairings. This format makes for neat, friendly competition as only the best of each teams net hole scores are used to determine outcomes. Keep in mind, each foursome is comprised of two teams making for more fun and friendly competition.