Robson Ranch Motorcycle Club: Fire (Up Those Engines) and Ice

Joseph Ace explains to Mike Conley the importance of having a full tank of gas.

Stan Brein

Since last month, we have had several cold spells and ice storms, which reduced our riding opportunities and could have dampened our spirits. But although you are not riding, winter is not a time to rest. Motorcycles are finicky beasts, even with new, improved technology. They sit in the garage crying out for our company when they are not being ridden. We gladly oblige.

We all know the drills. Drain the gas tank, or at least stabilize it. Check the air in the tires regularly. Look for leakage. Move it around every now and then so the tires don’t get flat spots. Watch for and treat for critters that love to crawl up into those warm spaces and chew on the wires.

The weather in North Texas is odd. We have had days with temperatures in the 20s surrounded by 70-degree and sunny weather. So, some of us did get out and ride

One of the things that can get stale is our safety skills. Even the most experienced among us benefit from the renewal of knowledge, and President Mike Conley filled the bill, as usual. At the club’s Feb. 8 safety meeting, we went over preparation, safe riding in various conditions, protocols for road situations we encounter, and, of course, communication on the road. (No, staggered formation has nothing to do with visiting a tavern!)

The general membership meeting was held on Feb. 22. With 20 in attendance, we had a chance to welcome some new members to our growing roster and then say hello to new board members Ron Bane, Keith Breiner, and Vicki Baker. They join Mike Conley, Scott Baker, Stan Brein, Dave Riddle, and Reggie Rother, to bring you the best motorcycle club at Robson Ranch! Seriously, there are a lot of cumulative miles in that group! While we enjoyed looking at pictures and videos of rides that were, once again, the best is yet to come. Multi-day rides will head out to the Big Bend (March), New Mexico/Colorado (summer), Branson/the Ozarks (September), and Granbury (TBD). You haven’t lived until you have experienced riding up and down Dark Sky Drive to the McDonald Observatory, in Fort Davis, in the dark after attending the Star Party. More day rides are being planned and, of course, the lunch/dinner rides to our favorite eateries. Purchase a motorcycle and join us!

See you on the road!

Beware of cagers and keep the rubber side down.