Robson Ranch Motorcycle Club: Lights, Camera, Action

Roaming to Rohmer’s for refreshment

Stan Brein


Our rides, particularly the more-attended ones, create logistical issues for the ride captains and the sweeps. Pulling over or out of the side of the road, going through a stop sign or traffic light, and maintaining formation on the highway without getting the group split is a challenge.

Having others being able to see us, understand what we are, and react accordingly and appropriately is paramount. That is one of the functions of our beloved chase cars—keeping us together, tightening us up, and announcing our presence.

With that in mind, Board President Mike Conley suggested at the latest board meeting that we purchase portable lights for the vehicle(s). The spirited discussion of suggestions ranged from standard tow vehicle lighting, to highway patrol style (not legal,) to Christmas lights, to a disco ball. In the end, reason prevailed, and we will have amber and white lights to be used at road entries and exits, intersections, and roadside pullovers.


Everybody wants to see themselves in pictures. That’s why capturing the ride has become almost as fun as the ride itself. All of us enjoy seeing the pictures and videos of our escapades when we are at gatherings, meetings, and parties. And some of those pics make their way into the best periodical published for Robson Ranch, the Pioneer Press.

With the guidance of resident cinematographers Vicki and Scott Baker, the club will invest in a current model GoPro camera, the choice of outdoor adventurists. This will be used on club rides, and all members will have access to it for their personal and small group excursions.


There are some great adventures planned for the coming year. The Hill Country Ride in the spring (Reggie Routher, ride captain), the Angel Fire Ride in the summer (Mike Conley), and the Arkansas Ride in the fall (Ron Bane). Also, we will have our breakfast, lunch, dinner, and pop-up rides.

This month’s breakfast ride was to Rohmer’s in Muenster on Aug. 24. What a beautiful day for a ride, thanks to the recent rain and lower temperatures. One of the best local rides in our toolbox. New members Brent Pelletier and Dave and Liz McGinnis joined in on the fun. Thanks to Ride Captain Keith Breiner.

Dave Riddle and Keith Breiner will now be coordinating lunch and dinner rides. Please talk with them about setting up your favorite ride and even being a ride captain.

Upcoming events include Mena-Hot Springs (September), Granbury (November), and the Holiday Party.

Please note: The annual Coats for Kids Ride will be held this year on Sunday, Nov. 27. Details will be forthcoming. Now is a great time to pick up that new coat to bring to the event, which will benefit the children of Denton County.

See you on the road!

Beware of cagers, and keep the rubber side down.