Singles and More in Italy

Photo by Tim McCormick

Tim McCormick

This March 1 through March 9 some Robson Ranch singles and a Robson Ranch couple toured Italy and got to mark something off their bucket lists!

They visited sites all over the country, starting in Rome. While not officially sponsored by the Singles Club, Singles Club member Tim McCormick provided the opportunity to travel to Italy for Robson residents through his company Bucket List Retirement Tours ( via Pioneer Press advertisements and word of mouth. A passport issue kept us from an even 10 residents. Seven of the group were singles, with the last two being a delightful married couple. We all had a wonderful time!

Friendships were created and solidified through the fun and trials accompanying any travel. Seeing so many amazing sites like the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel, St. Mark’s Square in Venice, the leaning Bell Tower in Pisa, or the fashion district in Milan did allow us all to get our “steps” in, with the 10,000 mark well in the rearview mirror on some days. That not only helped counteract any extra pasta and goodies we consumed, but also made it very nice to kick off our shoes at the end of the day and get off our feet!

The weather was almost always beautiful, and when it wasn’t, it happily coordinated with the times we traveled via bus for a couple of hours to get to another city. Since it was off-season—if there really is such a thing in Italy—lines were astonishingly short. An example is that our group went straight into the Vatican with the only wait being for them to actually check our tickets!

Various members of the group went exploring a little on their own, allowing some to see DaVinci’s work The Last Supper in Milan and others to do some specialized shopping and more!

The greatest thing about travel is going with others you know or would like to get to know better. We had a grand time and encourage everyone to go where you can safely sooner than later, since each day is a gift and we never know what lies ahead. As silly as it sounds, there really isn’t anything like traveling 3,000 to 4,000 miles across the world to get to know your neighbors better! Happy travels.