Robson Riders Motorcycle Club: Go North to Go South!

Stan Brein

Motorcyclists pride themselves on a good sense of direction. We traditionally used dead reckoning to move toward and arrive at our intended geographic goal. Literally six or seven calculations per minute would be swirling within our collective craniums to guide us toward the hallowed piece of cheese at the end of the maze: or, our destination.

These days we possess a collection of gadgets such as GPS, compasses, sextants, nautical charts, chronometers, and maps, that we can carry with us on our two (or three) wheeled journeys. That is why ape hanger handlebars and saddle bags were originally invented. There are also road signs, and if all else fails, we can follow the rider in front of us. However, dead reckoning is always whispering to us, “go here” and “why are we turning”?

All this is backdrop for our Rites of Spring Lunch Ride on April 6 to Esparza’s Restaurante Mexicano in Grapevine. Jim Sico, Nancy and Robert Whipple, Mary and LT Bryant, Stan Brein, Keith Breiner, Cherlyn and Bob Conway, Vicky and Scott Baker, Mike Conley, and Ron Bane, saddled up as Vicki Baker took the reins as the Ride Coordinator. She was responsible for finding a suitable eatery destination, planning an interesting route, and doing some advance work to ensure the roads were navigable. This is where the fun began.

Even your author knows that Grapevine is southwest of the Ranch. So, when we made that right turn out of the front gate onto Robson Ranch Road, I went “hum.” Then making the right turn onto Yarborough Way while heading north toward Ponder convinced me that lunch would be a bit later than originally thought. But Vicki was doing just what a great Ride Coordinator should do: lead us in a safe, scenic, and leisurely manner toward our lunch oasis. She scored on all accounts. As we meandered through the two-lane roads, gently rolling hills, easy curves, and the animals grazing and resting, we again understood why we ride. We took in the back roads of Denton, Ponder, Argyle, Lantana, Bartonville, Double Oak, Flower Mound, and Grapevine. We off-roaded (or it seemed so on my heavy Softail) through some gravel construction on a roundabout in Lakeside, passed scenic Rockledge Park, and enjoyed the vistas from Fairway Drive as we traversed Grapevine Lake Dam.

Esparza’s could not have been a better choice for our lunch. The staff did a great job of accommodating our group on their spacious outdoor patio, and we settled in with socializing and libations. (I swear, their delicious chips contain an addictive ingredient.) The food was superb. This was my first visit, but I will be back regularly.

If you are new to the Ranch, welcome! If you ride, have ridden, or are thinking of riding, please come join us. Bring your four-wheeler to any event and let’s talk about bikes, the Ranch, and life! Upcoming events include a lunch ride to the Lakehouse in Eagle Mountain on April 30, and the Galveston ride May 10 through 14.

See you on the road!

Beware of cagers and keep the rubber side down.