May Update from State Rep. Lynn Stucky

Lynn Stucky

It is hard to believe it is already nearly here, but the 87th Legislative Session will come to a close on Monday, May 31. That day, the 140th day since the legislature convened on Jan. 12, 2021, is referred to as Sine Die. The term comes from Latin, meaning “without assigning a day for a further meeting or hearing.”

A legislative session is structured upon deadlines. For example, a bill may not be heard in a committee before the 60th day of a legislative session. There are other unofficial deadlines that can indicate the likelihood of a piece of legislation passing or dying. For example, if a bill has not been heard in a committee or made its way to the opposite chamber by a certain point.

May has more deadlines than any other month:

May 10: Last day for House committees to report out bills

May 13: Last day for the House to consider 2nd reading House Bills

May 21: Last day for the House to consider “local” House Bills

May 25: Last day for the House to consider Senate Bills on 2nd reading

May 30: Last day for the House to adopt Conference Committee Reports

May 31: Adjourn sine die

The Texas House has passed a state budget for the next two years, a package of bills reforming ERCOT as a result of Winter Storm Uri, protection of religious freedom; bills to spark Texas business, expand broadband access, protect the second amendment, expand telehealth and reduce prescription costs, and provide greater transparency, affordability, and accessibility in our health care market through the “Healthy Families, Healthy Texas” plan.

These are just some of the many topics that have been addressed. At the end of the legislative session, we will have accomplished much more with the overall goal of bringing Texas back from the midst of a global pandemic to be bigger and stronger than ever.

You can track legislation at Texas Legislature Online ( My office is also available to answer questions and provide help with finding information. Our contact information is as follows:

Capitol Office: 512-463-0582, [email protected]

District Office: 940-243-0230, [email protected]