Rock & Roll Martini Group Hits Record Attendance with Sinatra

The Rock & Roll Martini Group

Grant Wright as Frank Sinatra Junior

Dave Parker

The October House Band (host) for the Rock & Roll Martini Group was Susan Hebert. Susan blew it out of the water with a live performance by Frank Sinatra Junior (Grant Wright). Grant is a junior at Argyle High School and works in the Robson Ranch golf department. Grant rocked songs from Frank Sinatra to 70s favorites, as Rockers (members) and guests danced to the music. Susan prepared some of Frank Sinatra’s favorite Italian meals like pizza and lasagna. The guests filled in with assorted appetizers and desserts. The martinis for the evening were Frank Sinatra’s favorite, “Bourbon and Water” and also “Old Blue Eyes.” The group also set a record for the most residents attending a party in a Palmera model home. Until next month, Rock On!