Rock & Roll Martini Group Rocks Zydeco

Dave Parker

Two years ago, Deb and Larry Nortunen held the March Rock & Roll Martini Group party as the COVID shutdown began. Deb Nortunen used her creativity two years ago and held the first “drive-by” party where Rockers (members) picked up to-go drinks and food. Fast forward to 2022, and Deb and Larry combined March Madness basketball, Jock Rock, and Zydeco music, all in one night. Since the final four is held in the New Orleans Superdome, they created two martinis for the evening: the “Full Court Press” and the “Hurri-tini.” The main fare was nachos and jambalaya. BB met NOLA in the bar/food court at the Nortunens! The event included a sharing of true stories that happened to Rockers and guests that involved basketball or New Orleans. No screen doors were harmed in having this party.

Until next month, Rock On!