Rock & Roll Martini Group Rocks ZZ Top

Photo by Dave Parker

Dave Parker

The January House Band (host) for the Rock & Roll Martini Group was Susan and David Parker. Certain events have become annual get-togethers that everyone looks forward to. This month, it was the annual ZZ Top event for the group. It was time to get out beards and cheap sunglasses and see who would win the prize for the Best Sharp Dressed Man and Woman. The Sharp Dressed Man award was won by Rockers Larry Nortunen and Barry Joyce. The Sharp Dressed Woman award went to Rocker Nancy Tastle. The martinis for the evening were the La Grange, the Tush, and The Tube Snake Boogie. The food for the evening was smoked pulled pork sliders, along with an array of appetizers and desserts from the Rockers and guests.

Until next month, Rock On!