Rockin’ Red Ranchers Enjoy a ‘Souper’ Lunch

Peggy Crandell

How do we love thee? Let us count the ways—chunky, clear, creamy, low-fat, with a dash of spice, or naturally sweet, served hot, sometimes cold. Oh, there are a million ways to enjoy soup. And now there’s another reason to do so. Did you know that January is National Soup Month?

We all remember the famous line, “No soup for you!” from the TV show Seinfeld … au contraire … all the Rockin’ Red ladies had soup. This delightful soup was prepared by Chef John and served to us in our very own “soup café” at the Wildhorse Grill. Celia Hall, Carol Solow, and Rosemary Weinstein set the atmosphere in our soup café with centerpieces of fresh herbs, Campbell soup cans atop red and white checked dollies. When we heard, “Soup’s on,” we all took our seats to enjoy our first course of a lovely green salad accompanied by warm, freshly baked garlic knots. The featured course was Chef John’s chicken vegetable soup. He personally shared the ingredients and explained his techniques to complete this masterful dish.

Who knew a “souper lunch” could be so super fun? Our hostesses engaged us in a soup trivia game with questions such as: name a creamy French soup usually made from seafood, but is also the name of a type of porcelain (Bisque); what country is Faso Lada, made from white beans, olive oil, and assorted vegetables, from (Greece); name a soup that describes urban smog, which was very prevalent in London at one time (Pea Soup); what is the French term for a soup featured on a given day (Soup Du Jour) … just to list a few.

We will leave you with this trivia fact: Andy Warhol, who is famous for his paintings of Campbell soup cans, confessed to drinking Campbell soup for lunch for 20 years. For the love of soup!

Thank you, Celia, Carol, and Rosemary, for the “souper” event!