Rockin’ Red Ranchers learn about living in New York City

Linda Terry

What is it like to live and work in the publishing industry in New York City? Rockin’ Red Ranchers gathered at The Egg and I in Denton for a tasty and healthy lunch. The event started with a quiz on NYC terms, which was enlightening since not many had a New York background. Then, knowledgeable about boroughs and bridges, it was on to learn all about life in the publishing industry. Guest speaker (and Robson resident) Joan Pursley kept the group on the edge of their seats as she described leaving Iowa in her early 20’s to move to New York City. Her journalism degree stood her in good stead and she ended up writing professionally. Her career took an upward turn as she worked for major New York art museums on programs for blind education. This lead to assignments with the Mayor’s office and New York State. Among Joan’s publications was an art guide for the blind complete with Braille dots and textures to illustrate famous pictures. What a fascinating and rewarding career! The Rockin’ Red Ranchers left with a renewed appreciation for journalism and art for those with disabilities!