Rockin’ the Ranch Concert Series: Redline Drift

Darryl Williams, Tom Doty, and Stan Brein

Jake and Elwood Blues said it, “We’re putting the band back together.” As interpreted by the Robson Ranch Classic Rock Club: “Let’s put the Concert Series back together.”

Sometimes, the perfect storm creates something awesome. Everyone was eager to get out and have a good time. Local bands were wanting to resume gigs. Robson was eager to show off the remodeled clubhouse. And, many residents have had at least one COVID-19 vaccination and were comfortable getting together in a safe and sensible way. While the original plans called for a patio concert at the Grill, everyone involved in planning felt that this would be a great way to “break in” the clubhouse and avoid concerns about weather.

And then there is the band. Many of you met Redline Drift during the 2019 Concert Series. Deanna Moseley, Jeff Moseley, Don Mouck, and Max Moseley formed Redline Drift in 2019, and they have quickly established a reputation of being a highly polished and professional premier cover band, playing generation-defining music from the 70s to the present. And did they rock the place.

Generation-defining it was. They gave us Zeppelin to Gaga, Allman Brothers to Maren Morris, Aerosmith to Bruno Mars. They took us on a Journey via the Crazy Train from Georgia (Satellites) to Boston, to Folsom Prison, to La Grange, China Grove to Uptown (Funk). They helped us experience the (Stevie) Wonders of nature with (KC and the) Sunshine (Band), (Katrina and the) Waves, Black Crowes, Beatles, Fire, and even a Stormy Monday. Some of it was Free, but there was a sprinkle of (Johnny) Cash.

Saturday night may be “Alright for Fighting,” but the crowd settled for dancing and partying. Some wore “Boogie Shoes,” others had “Boots that were Made for Walking,” and others just “Walk(ed) This Way.” Some chose to “Leave their Hat On.”

The new, expanded dance floor was often filled to capacity with folks dancing, rockin’ and rollin’, and busting moves that hadn’t been seen since before times. Redline Drift “Shook Us All Night Long.” The room was “Smokin’” and “Hot Blooded,” and “One Way Or Another,” everyone was “Working For The Weekend!” We “Don’t Stop Believing!” “I Will Always Remember Us This Way.”

The Robson Ranch Classic Rock Club is pleased to work with Shelbi Berg and Jeremy Trietsch to reignite the magic of music via the 2021 Rockin’ The Ranch Concert Series. We plan to bring more quality shows to the Ranch this year. Our goal is to provide you and your friends an evening of fun and quality entertainment by bringing DFW’s best Classic Rock Club concerts here to Robson. We will evaluate the pace of increasing the number of seats so we can get back to regular size crowds.

Email us at [email protected]. Please follow us on the Robson Ranch Classic Rock Club Facebook page at

Keep on rockin’.

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