‘Round Robbie – February 2015

Remember the song I’ve Been Everywhere, Man” sung by Johnny Cash and a host of others?

“I’ve been everywhere, man

I’ve been everywhere, man

Crossed the deserts bare, man

I’ve breathed the mountain air, man

Travel, I’ve had my share, man

I’ve been everywhere.”

Well our own resident Round Robbie could easily be singing such a song, only Round Robbie usually travels to exotic, interesting places in great style with the residents of Robson Ranch. You might remember the story of how Robbie, a cousin of Flat Stanley, came to Robson Ranch. Robbie, the world traveler, was seated with the Captain at his table on a Princess cruise off the coast of Ireland when he just happened to overhear Jack and Martha Callaway talking to their fellow cruisers about the joys of living at Robson Ranch. Robbie joined them the next night to find out more about this Robson Ranch. The next thing you knew, Robbie had moved to Robson Ranch to live his dream of being a cowboy and of traveling to wonderful places with friendly Robson residents who invited him to join them in their travels. The staff at the Pioneer Press outfitted him with not only his primary cowboy outfit and boots, but he also was outfitted with tuxedo, beach clothes and outfits for Tahiti, Ireland, Scotland and England. Once on his first visit to France, the Pioneer Press staff even made him a special outfit for his trip to France so that he would fit right in. His friends Althea and Brenda helped him settle in to life at Robson Ranch.

Since Round Robbie moved here during 2011, he has been with many residents on journeys and adventures all over the world. He’s been on Road Runner trips and RV trips, and since he goes only when invited, he’s hoping someone will take him to Avignon with them in the spring. Robbie loves Avignon and the ambiance of his favorite region of France. Robbie has been to Malta, Sicily, Amalfi Coast, Rome, Israel, Jamaica, Australia and New Zealand, Rhine, Danube, Seine rivers, Holland and Austria, Tall Ships and small ships, and the Elissa at Galveston, Washington D.C, Southeast Asia, China, Canada and Rockies, Bouchard Gardens and the Chihuly glass installations at the Arboretum and has ridden the rails of the Canadian Railway and the rails of Dallas. Italy, Santorini and Greece, the Kemah Balloon Festival, France and Versailles, Aruba, the Panama Canal and Honduras and Guatemala, and Maui and the Hawaiian Islands were fun. He’s gambled at Marksville and Las Vegas, had adventures with Flat Logan and Flat Stanley, rung the bells for the Salvation Army and tasted wine in Germany and France. He’s been to the Rock of Gibralter and seen Bullfights in Spain; he’s been to Russia, to Bora Bora and the State Fair of Texas. What will be next?

Through all of his travels he has gotten into only one scrape or problem area, and that was when he was having a pint in a pub in Dublin when he was flirting with a real doll named Barbie and he got into a fight with his cousin Flat Stanley—but she left them both and walked out with her regular boyfriend Ken. That story in the Pioneer Press is in his scrapbook along with all of his other stories and adventures. Robbie lives in the clubhouse near the receptionist desk in his scrapbook box, and he’s ready when you are. Take a “selfie” of him and send in to [email protected].