RRWGA Member/Member Tournament results

Linda and the witnesses

Linda and the witnesses

Mary Beninato

A few things before I get into our tournament.

Retraction for the Queen’s Tournament printed in the August Pioneer Press. I mistakenly listed Linda Scott as the second runner up. It was actually Ann Brehm. I am so sorry for this mistake, Ann. You deserve the honor.

A hole-in-one for Linda Watrak on September 5. Linda got her hole-in-one on hole No. 4. Congratulations, Linda!

Member/Member Tournament 8/31/17

The Member/Member Tournament consisted of 50 ladies split into four flights. Members could pick their partners for this event. The tournament was coordinated by Alice Wright and Pat Sands, and it was a 6-6-6 format (6 Scramble/6 Alternate Shot/6 Best Ball). It was comfortable weather wise and followed by a fix-your-own taco salad with margaritas and beer choices for pay.

The winners for first place won European stemmed wine glasses; second place won stemmed wine glasses; third won stemless wine glasses.

Flight 1: 1st Place, Pat Sands, Alice Wright; 2nd Place, Diane Bent, Paula Bull; 3rd Place, Okcha Cummings, Gale Hicks.

Flight 2: 1st Place, Connie Mullins, Althea Parent; 2nd Place, Linda Scott, Cindy Sterling; 3rd Place, Mary Beninato, Debbie Gorney.

Flight 3: 1st Place, Darlene Lamb, Donna Phillips; 2nd Place, Jeanie Martinez, Victoria Pettigrew; 3rd Place, Gabie Bull, Linda Knightly.

Flight 4: 1st Place, Maureen Fitzgerald, Judy Markley; 2nd Place, Linda Farmer, Neva Rhead; 3rd Place, Lavelle Carlson, Linda Lilley

Congratulations to everyone!