RRWGA Swearing in 2021 Officers and Year-End Awards Announcements

2021 Board: Sue Halsted, Deb Reed, LaDonna Womochel, and Joy Pashby

2021 Board: Sue Halsted, Deb Reed, LaDonna Womochel, and Joy Pashby

Lea Ann Kirby

Due to COVID-19 rules and regulations for large gatherings, the Robson Ranch Women’s Golf Association (RRWGA) decided to forego their annual Christmas Brunch and donate money used for this event, along with a lot of individual donations, to charities. This year, RRWGA donated $2,680 to Our Daily Bread and $2,125 in cash and checks, plus $100 in gift cards and two trunk loads of gifts for teen boys and girls. Thank you to all the RRWGA members for being so generous this year in our Christmas giving.

The 2021 executive board was voted on earlier, and sworn in at an impromptu gathering on the patio of the Wildhorse Grill. The weather was very chilly and all protocols were followed. The 2021 Executive Board is as follows: President Joy Pashby; Vice President LaDonna Womochel; Secretary Deb Reed; and Treasurer Sue Halstead.

All of the year-end winners were announced and membership was notified via email. The winners for the end of the year awards were:

Most Chip Ins with 5: Pat Sands

Most Birdies with 8: Marlene Womack

Most Improved, 11.5 Strokes: Mary Sholty

Ringers for each flight:

Flight 1 winners: Marlene Womack, Ok Cha Cummings, Linda Scott

Flight 2 winners: Sue Halsted, Lucy Oberholser, Sandi Ziegler

Flight 3 winners: Joyce Marshall, Gabie Bull, Pam Kanawyer

Flight 4 winners: Robin Hanna, Vicki Moses, Angie Gay

Flight 5 winners: Mary Beninato, Mary Burke, Neva Rhead

The RRWGA is looking forward to a more normal whatever that may be in 2021. Our 2021 playdays will begin on March 2, 2021, following a Polar Bear League that starts Jan. 5 through Feb. 23. Please contact one of the RRWGA members about joining, and you also can find additional information about the RRWGA on our website at www.rrwga.weebly.com or inquire in the Wildhorse Golf Shop.