Spotlight on Marguerite Rose


Sandi Price

When Marguerite Rose and her husband moved to Robson Ranch in 2003, she stood up at a Women’s Club Meeting and asked if anyone was interested in sewing. That was the beginning of the Material Girls Club with five members. They met in Marguerite’s home before moving to the gym, then the Clubhouse and finally the Arts and Crafts Center where they now number 75 members.

She began sewing when she was ten years old and it led her to become a Home Economics teacher first in Indiana and then Texas. She made her first quilt in 1998. Now, her home is richly decorated with quilts in every room, many of them embellished. We call her the Bling Queen. Even though she is retired, she has never stopped teaching.

Not all of our members are experienced quilters. Some have never quilted before and Material Girls offers a six-week beginning quilting class every year with each student having their own instructor. There is also ongoing help after the class too. You need only to ask and some eager member will help you along.

If you have thought about joining us but don’t want to drag your sewing machine to meetings, it isn’t a problem. Most of our meetings are show-and-tell and demos with take home instructions and we also have several sewing machines for your use. If you would like company while you sew, there are days of open sewing as well. And, of course, we do field trips too…a quilt shop here, lunch there and maybe another quilt shop or two before we head back to the Ranch.