Spotlight on Advertiser – Brandt Travel: Creating Lifetime Memories Through Travel

The Brandt Travel Team

It’s been nine years since Brandt Travel began planning travel for the Robson Ranch Road Runners Travel Club. “Time sure does fly when you are planning wonderful travel opportunities for excited travelers,” said Kendall Meade, owner of Brandt Travel. Brandt Travel is proud to have developed many client relationships and friendships with Robson residents, even beyond group travel planning with the Travel Club. They have planned individual ocean and river cruises, anniversary celebrations, family reunions, and wonderful custom and guided land travel over the years for so many. At Brandt Travel, they do it all, servicing many clients living all over the United States.

Who Brandt Travel Is—

Brandt Travel has been in business since 1997 and was founded by Coleen Brandt. They are a locally owned and operated, fully accredited and insured, small business located in Frisco, Texas.

Kendall Meade took over the business in 2019 when the Brandts retired. Under the Brandts, Kendall expanded their business and has successfully maintained the team of consultants she brought on board and trained. Kendall was asked to share what is special about the team. “Our team of professional consultants are trained customer service experts. Our team supports your travel before, during, and even after you return home. We are relationship builders and want to get to know you so that the next time you book travel with us, we know exactly how you love to travel. That is the care our clients have come to expect and appreciate. Our team has some of the best in the industry, and these ladies went through the pandemic, handling mass cancellations for disappointed customers with no income, all to support Brandt Travel clients—this speaks volumes for the love they have for their customers and Brandt Travel.”

What Brandt Travel Does—

Over the years, they have developed a focus centered around exceptional customer service and have been recognized by many travel industry professionals for their excellence in customer care and support. Travel details, options, and entry requirements can easily overwhelm an individual when you begin to plan travel. “Our job is to guide you through the process, remind you of important deadlines, share not only our firsthand knowledge but client feedback, so you are set up for a successful journey,” according to Kendall.

What’s Next for Brandt Travel—

The team will continue to offer their travel planning services to their customers free of charge and utilize the travel buying power that has been gained from being affiliated with the largest travel consortium in the world. Brandt Travel is recognized as a top performing agency by several well-known cruise, river, and land travel suppliers. The Brandt Travel Team is here to assist with your individual and group travel when you are ready. Please support their small business and contact them for assistance.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 866-242-0400, Ext. 1