Spotlight On Advertiser: TreeNewal Is Branching Out

David Gaona with Wesley Rivers

TreeNewal has announced that Wesley Rivers has joined their team as VP of Operations, effective Feb. 14, 2022.

Rivers has come aboard the DFW-based arboriculture company after many years as an expert in the tree service industry. As a leader, Rivers brings experience in production management, plant healthcare, and operations to TreeNewal.

After meeting five years ago while doing a product demonstration in Southlake, TreeNewal founder David Gaona said, “I was impressed with [Rivers’] character, passion for customer service, educating others, and the knowledge he has for services in our industry. We developed a good relationship, and I have been trying to get him onboard for three years.”

Why did Rivers choose to join TreeNewal over other arboriculture companies?

“Because of my business partner,” Rivers said. “David [Gaona] is a very forward, outside-of-the-box thinking kinda guy, and he possesses a lot of skills that I think are a good complement for my skills. We’re aligned in our core values, professional goals, and community outreach. I think that we both bring a lot to the table, and together we can make a great team.”

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