Summertime Fun

Judy Ondina

The LOL ladies were the recent recipients of a Summertime Fun gathering at the home of Jan Utzman. This fun-filled afternoon was hosted by Jan Utzman and Sharon Foy. We had been given three clues:

1st clue: August is such a wonderful month for watermelon and sunflowers.

2nd clue: Your day will include a taste of Italy … but what about those paper gowns?

3rd clue: Hats of all colors, mustaches too, but can’t figure out the baby wipes.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with peach Bellinis and mimosas. Following some lively chatter, a lovely array of luscious brunch goodies filled our tummies. We each were then presented with an authentic French beret, a painter’s smock, and a stick-on mustache. Laughter made it challenging to adhere the mustaches. Just picture yourself wearing a beret, a stuck-on mustache, and a yellow painter’s smock—fashionistas—no! Thankfully our instructor, Van Gogh Sharon, had painted the background, stems, and leaves for our soon to be Sunflower masterpiece. We then received instructions on how to mix the paint and the proper technique to create our own special Sunflower masterpieces. Maestro Sharon encouraged us as we each realized that there is more coloring in a sunflower than bright yellow/orange. Some of us struggled while others found a talent they were not aware existed. We found one lady in particular to be quieter than we have ever seen her while searching for her inner artistic ability. Once the paintings were completed, we gathered to have a group photo with each one holding their creation. “How much more can a girl endure,” many of us were thinking. To the rescue, Monet Jan served glasses of wine which we raised in unison to toast our two hostesses who had provided us hours of laughter, filled our tummies, provided an art lesson, and allowed us to share another memorable occasion together.