Support Our Troops

Matthew Goodpaster with his unit, which SOT supports

Lynne Moore

The Veterans Day Auction on Nov. 11 was a very successful one for SOT this year. We had a really moving ceremony before the auction at Veterans Park to commemorate those who have served in the military. We had lots of donations to auction off because of all the hard work the volunteers did to get these donations. Folks went up and down their streets to get Robson Ranch residents to donate so that the volunteers could put together items that folks would want to purchase. As usual, the Ranchers stepped up and gave what they could to help us reach our goal. Volunteers also went to local businesses to purchase or get donated items. Thank you to all the folks who helped make our auction a success!

Our deployed military are always grateful to the Robson residents who supply them with so many needed items. This past month we sent out 21 boxes to our troops who are in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Egypt. So far this year, we have shipped 338 boxes to our deployed troops. One hundred percent of the monies we collect from our auction is used for this and for our military-related charities.

Every month our Sassy Stampers make beautiful cards that our members use to send special messages to the troops we support, whether deployed or non-deployed. We now have 75 non-deployed here at home. Make sure to notify Roger Thomas if any of those we support have a change in status.

Our Young Men’s Service League from Argyle is a group of young men and their moms who meet with us monthly on the third Sunday of the month. They write letters to the troops and help us with our auction, as well as our 4th of July parade. At the meetings, they also get to hear a Robson Ranch veteran speak about their service.

During our Nov. 14 meeting, the members voted for several positions within the leadership of SOT. There are also two non-member board members and two member board representative positions. Our current president, Darin Burk, is stepping down after many appreciative years of service, for which we thank him.

For those of you not familiar with our organization, check out our website, We meet monthly on the second Monday at 1 p.m. in the clubhouse. You do not have to be in the military or a veteran to join SOT. Our Mission Statement is: “Support Our Troops, Inc., is a proactive, non-political, volunteer, charitable organization that helps provide for the material, physical, and emotional needs of our military men and women at home and abroad.” Please consider joining this really incredible group. We know you will feel really good about being a part of SOT.