Women Sharing Hope Launches New Widows Support Program: First Encourager Workshop Held

Pictured are Carol Miller (instructor) and attendees Judy Sale, Julia Conner, Linda Smith, Lizzie Wickert, Carol Seay, Diana Fike, Catherine Simpson, Linda Buishas, and Cindy Haugen.

Bobbi Stringer

Women Sharing Hope launched a new community service outreach program by hosting a training workshop on Oct. 15. The focus of the new Encourager program is to help widows at Robson connect with each other and to provide assistance to new widows in navigating the challenges of losing a spouse. Eight ladies attended the workshop and were trained to participate on the Encourager teams.

Judy Sale, who oversees the Encourager teams, kicked off the workshop with a lively icebreaker. Then, Dr. Bobbi Stringer, communication consultant, facilitated the first section of the workshop, which was a general introduction about the grief process and what is necessary for healthy grieving, the reasons everyone grieves differently, and the symptoms and manifestations of chronic grief. The next two sections, led by Carol Miller, American Red Cross senior director, covered listening and responding skills and how to conduct visits and offer help to new widows. To find out more about the Encourager program, call or text Judy Sale at 432-556-6842.

In addition to reaching out to new widows in the Robson Ranch community, the program will host a GroupWorks site, which will house various types of resources for widows, as well as provide an opportunity for networking, posting inspirational articles, and sharing other helpful topics. For more information about the Robson Ranch Widows GroupWorks group, call or text Bobbi Stringer at 817-437-2248.

Women Sharing Hope is open to all women who want a deeper bond with Christ and each other while glorifying God with our words and actions as we are led by the Spirit.