The End of an Era

Rest in peace, Jack

Tim McCormick, President of the Republican Club

This March has brought sorrow for the Robson Ranch Republican Club and many folks who value voting out at the Ranch. We lost our stalwart election judge, past president, friend, and longtime resident of Robson Ranch, Jack Faegre. Jack stepped up not only when our club needed him, but when Robson Ranch residents did as well. A native of Iowa, Jack moved to Texas to raise his family. He graduated with an engineering degree, served as an officer in the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, and retired from Rockwell International.

Jack is known to almost all Robson Ranch voters—if for no other reason than he has been the election judge for general elections for Robson Ranch since the beginning of the Ranch. What many don’t know is that Jack is responsible for our being able to have our own polling place. Through his Herculean and dogged efforts, he convinced the County Election Administrators to create a polling place here on the Ranch, rather than having one to which residents would have to drive. By this act alone, Jack benefitted all voters, regardless of political affiliation.

Very few knew more about the intricacies of the voting process than Jack. He was passionate about ensuring everyone had the opportunity to legally vote. It was easy to get Jack started speaking about almost anything in politics. (Getting him to stop might take a bit more effort.) If you ever needed to know something about the political process, he not only had an answer, but the definitive answer. His heart was in people being able to vote and have our country reflect what the people wanted.

We are blessed to have his lovely wife Creeda remaining in our community and as a member of our club. A Celebration of Life for Jack was held on March 25 in Sanger, and he was laid to rest at the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery.

Jack, you will be missed.