There is Something Special at the Wood Shop!

Left to right: Jack Rhead, Joni Matthiessen, and Boyce Irwin

Joni Matthiessen

Greetings from the woodshop! We are gearing up and getting stuff ready for fall and holiday shopping. I thought this would be a great time to give a sneak peek at a gorgeous item we plan on selling. All the proceeds from the sale of this handmade chess set go back to the RR Wood Workers Club. Several months ago, I asked my buddies Boyce Irwin and Jack Rhead, if they would consider working together to create a project to benefit the club. They both agreed to work together to do the parts they do best! There are certain things they both do so much better than I ever could, so I suggested they make the box and the game top, and in return I would cut out and sand all the game pieces. Boyce made the beautifully lined box and all the internal dividers for storing the pieces. He also put the final finishing touches on the storage box and the game board. Jack did a lot of the original cutting, gluing, and putting together the game board, as well as putting multiple coats of finish and felt on all the game pieces. This handmade project has taken us weeks to complete, and the final chess game box turned out beautifully. Stop by the wood shop display case to see for yourself. And one last thought, we would like to thank both Bob and Lucille Zimmerman for all the work they have done here at the Ranch in the past few years. They have sold their house, purchased a new one in Arizona, and are busy packing for their move. Bob has worked tirelessly at the wood shop, and we will miss him. We wish them both well in this new adventure they are undertaking!