They earned the right to be remembered – Memorial Day celebration May 27

Dianne Edmondson – SOT reporter

From the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and more, America’s military personnel have answered the call to serve around the world.

Your freedom was earned by the troops who sacrificed for a vision of freedom for all. Support Our Troops organization will salute these patriots in our annual Memorial Day ceremonies, for indeed they earned the right to be remembered.

In addition to patriotic music, the event will feature historian Rodney Hess who will deliver the stirring story of our first freedom fighters, the brave men and women who fought to bring our country to life, to unite and to protect our America. Struggles fought and lives lost weave the blanket of American history and Mr. Hess will bring those struggles to life for us, complete with a Revolutionary War cannon.

All Robson Ranch residents are invited to join us in honoring our heroes of yesterday and today at the Memorial Day Ceremony at 9:00 a.m. Monday, May 27, when the Support Our Troops (SOT)organization salutes these patriots at the Veterans Memorial Plaza, between the clubhouse and the Wildhorse Grill (to be moved indoors if bad weather arrives).

Recently the Department of Defense issued a special Vietnam War Era Veteran commemorative pin, and SOT has given out nearly 100 of these special pins to local veterans of the Vietnam Era, including our most recent ceremony at the May 13 SOT general meeting.

“We salute our brave Vietnam veterans who, in service to our Nation and in defense of liberty, fought gallantly against the spread of communism and defended the freedom of the Vietnamese people. Our Nation pledges our enduring respect, our continuing care and our everlasting commitment to all Vietnam veterans.” — Presidential Proclamation, November 10, 2017, by President Donald Trump.

Support Our Troops meets on the second Monday of each month in the clubhouse and promotes various activities in support of military personnel who are referred to us by Robson Ranch residents. Please visit any of our meetings to learn more about what we do for our military and how you can help.