Transport to Magical Inspiration and Adventure

Sally Ryerson

Yes! A good book can transport us when far-flung exploration isn’t possible—like right now!

Volunteers staff our beautiful library from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and for several hours on the weekend. They can direct you to the collections of puzzles, DVDs, CDs, and, of course, books. We have a nice selection of non-fiction and large print books, and a great selection of fiction, to carry you away from masks and hand sanitizer!

The library, which has three computers with free WiFi available for Robson residents, is located in the Creative Arts Center Building.

The Library Board is aware that medical conditions prevent some residents from browsing in the library. If you have an author or title that interests you, contact Sally Ryerson at 940-262-3381 or [email protected]. If we have the item in our collection, we offer front porch delivery!

The board and Friends of the Library hope our materials and services can make time move more quickly during these unprecedented times.