Voices United Visits Commemorative Art Installation

VU members Vicki Baker, Phyllis Ayers, Ginger Sheppard, Chris Laffey, Lavelle Carson, and Janie Cindric, pose with the public art installation in Denton.

Tiffany Ramzy

Public Art in the City of Denton Texas

Recently, several members of Voices United (VU) visited a commemorative art installation commissioned by the City of Denton Public Art Committee. The work features 60 images dyed and powder-coated onto aluminum discs, forming an “art curtain,” which commemorates a legacy of courage, love, sisterhood, and unity.

You can view the artwork in person at the outdoor public park located at 108 Industrial Street. The 60 images are also available for viewing online at www.dentonwif.com, where you can click on each artwork and read a description of each image.

About the artist: Dina Fisher is a multi-media artist living and thriving near Los Angeles, Calif. She has formal training in music, photography, creative writing, painting, video, and more. Having worked for decades as a high-tech designer in various mediums, she began creating art installations in 2015, now focusing on creating fine art commissions for municipalities, businesses, and organizations around the globe.

Voices United is a non-partisan group of Robson Ranch women who share progressive values, perform community outreach, provide civic awareness and social contact for members … and have a good time! We’re a 501(c)(3) organization open to Robson Ranch residents. For more information, contact [email protected].