We Are All in This Together … Six Feet Apart

JoAnn Gantos

The Sassy Stampers held their second Facebook (FB) live meeting on May 17 at 10 a.m. Once again, our club vice president, Tami Fenton, led us through the making of a card via an online video. Not sure where Tami got the idea for this card, but it is priceless—a COVID-19 remembrance card and it is so cute! A simple roll of toilet paper with the sentiment, “We are all in this together … six feet apart.” As all of us know, when the virus first came about, toilet paper availability was compromised. For whatever reason, people felt this was a product to attain in mass quantities, thus leaving a bunch of folks in a world of hurt. Since then, inventory has improved, but I believe this is one quirky thing that will be noted about this pandemic.

Tami Fenton is such a creative and great teacher! We are so grateful to her creativity and willingness to keep our club together and productive through this stressful time. As with last month, this card can be made in all colors and even though it depicts a roll of toilet paper, it captures your attention and provides us an avenue to make light of the seriousness of this time in history.

With the help of Tami last month, our Sassy Stampers Facebook site was established. Since we can’t meet all together, this page is keeping us connected. We are posting pictures of cards we are making and therefore sharing ideas. That is what our club is all about. Talk about creative, who would have thought to make face masks for cards? Well, that is what we are seeing on our FB page.

We continue to make Support Our Troop (SOT) cards and provide them to our SOT team of Marti Goodrich, Sandy Masoner, and Deb Thomas. If you have cards to donate or need SOT card guidelines, just reach out to this team of great ladies with a simple phone call to arrange a drop off at their house of any cards you make. They are always in need of cards to support armed service members all connected to our residents here at Robson Ranch.

Our next meeting will be June 20. Whether we meet in person or via Facebook live, we always have a great time. In the meantime, make some cards and post pictures of your craftiness online to share with the club. Stay safe Sassy Stampers!