Weaving Through March

JoAnn Gantos

It has been a year now since our Sassy Stampers group met in person. We surely miss our in-person meetings and hope we can meet in person once again soon. In the meantime, we are grateful for our technology consultant, Tami Fenton, who keeps us connected through her recorded videos. This month, Jean Euker designed a beautiful card with a woven background. Jean is a long-time member of Sassy Stampers. She and April Bayne decorate the display windows for our club. Please drop by and see our display window, just outside room 104, in the Creative Arts & Technology Center, when you have time.

This card offers the weaving of papers to create a unique backdrop for a floral bouquet that each of our members create with the die cut florals provided. I love the colors and the weaving technique. In addition, Jean provided instructions on how to manually make a die cut appear larger by making a few simple cuts and this technique can be used for most die cut shapes. Thank Jean and Tami for sharing this information. I love the finished card and had fun making it. Jean is so much fun and thoroughly loves designing and making cards. She almost always volunteers yearly as a project lead. Next time you see her, give her a warm thank you.

Our club board members are actually discussing options on how we can begin meeting in person again. There is a big responsibility that goes along with getting back together in person. I for one am eager to move forward in a safe manor understanding there is a protocol and logistics to consider. It will be difficult as we all can’t meet at the same time in our small room. We usually meet once a month (the third Saturday of the month) in room 104 of the Creative Arts & Technology Center. One of our specialties is making and donating cards to Support Our Troops. We have a group of ladies who manage this process for our club and encourage our members to donate cards using papers provided through donations.

If you have questions about our club, please contact Diana Krug, President of Sassy Stampers at 940-262-3184.