What Will We Do in Heaven?

Ed Jones, Pastor

The answer to this question is found in the Book of Revelation, chapters 19 and 22.

When facing a difficult work environment, we all revolt against two things: one is tedious and meaningless work, and the other is idleness. But the work and the “workplace” that await believers in heaven will delight the soul, remembering that God will change our hearts to long for the things He provides.

1 We will sing (19:1-8)! The Book of Revelation contains more songs than any other book in the Bible except Psalms. It contains 14 songs in all, but perhaps the most representative is the one recorded here. No doubt many well-known passages in Psalms that relate to the worship of God will be fulfilled perfectly in those days of eternal bliss in heaven.

2 We will serve (22:3-6)! One prominent theme in the Book of Revelation is that of service and reward, although, as the late American minister at Park Street Church and author, David Gregg observed, our service will be of a different kind: “It is work … free from care and toil and fatigue … Work there is a matter of self-relief, as well as a matter of obedience to the ruling will of God. It is work according to one’s taste and delight and ability.” The Book of Revelation describes many unique entities in heaven—the 24 elders, the beasts around the throne, the 144,000, the angels, the multitudes—and each one has a responsibility before God. Just like on earth, each of us has a ministry.

3 We will share: Heaven will be the ultimate experience of fellowship. All of our friends in Christ and millions we have never met will be there. Most importantly, the redeemed will enjoy unbroken and joyous fellowship with the Father, Son, and Spirit forever, reigning with Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords.

It is a comfort to look into what awaits those who follow the Lord. The joy and peace that will be ours is something to anticipate.

Ed Jones pastors Fellowship at the Ranch Church at Robson Ranch. This nondenominational church meets at the Robson Clubhouse on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. For more information, visit Fellowship’s website at www.fellowshipattheranchchurch.com.